How Much Does Home Insurance Cost In New York?

Home insurance, like everything else is more expensive in New York then most other states.

Insurance is one of the most important things you can do to protect your most valuable asset your home. The good news is, while home insurance is expensive in New York. It’s no where near as bad as your taxes.


Bottom Line in New York, home insurance typically costs $97 per month. *

However, many factors go into pricing home insurance that could increase or decrease your cost.



One big pricing factor is location, if you are closer to NYC you can expect to pay more than you do upstate. Also, the closer you are to the water the more expensive your premiums will be.

However, a newer home with safety features like, a central fire alarm, or water flow sensors, or even better a full sprinkler system will lower your premiums.

If your home is on the larger side of average, you should expect to pay more. Because the insurance policies are rated on the cost to rebuild you house. This is one of the reasons that New York home insurance is so expensive. Construction costs in New York are extremely high.

When it comes to insuring your home, you have two main coverage parts.

  1. Money for you in the event of damage to your home or stuff
    • Something to keep in mind, most home insurance has special sub limits for various things, like jewelry, collectibles and fancy fur coats. The sub limits are typically only $1,000 or maybe $1,500. Either way generally not enough for your items.
  2. Money for defense of lawsuits or medical claims brought against you.
    • Lawsuits can be crazy expensive, $100,000 in liability coverage won’t go very far if Susie slips and falls on your icy walkway.

Buying home insurance is a fast and easy way to protect your home.

With a simple call the Personal Lines team at GRBM can get you a quote.

Bonus Tip, combining your home and auto insurance is often recommended to get the best discounts applied.




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