Who are the BEST New York Restaurant insurance companies?

If you are looking for a menu of options for your New York restaurant insurance you’ve come to the right place.


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We have great insurance options for all of New York’s restaurants, diners and pizza shops.

Whether your restaurant is one of the many diners throughout the tri-state or a fine dining establishment in New York City. GRBM’s restaurant insurance team will get you the coverage you need easy and simply.


Without further delay let’s get into the best New York restaurant general liability and property insurance companies for 2018.


FYI General Liability and Property are NOT the only coverages your restaurant needs, a complete insurance evaluation will help determine what additional insurance policies your restaurant will need.



Metro New York  Restaurants (Westchester and New York City)


For a no frills approach to NYC restaurant insurance Utica First is a clear winner.



With solid claims service, non-auditable liability policies and based locally here in New York Utica First stands above the other restaurant insurance options.

One huge benefit is no audit. Utica rates on public square footage. This is great for restaurants that have high sales in a small location.


The only downside is not really a down side, Utica is very strict with inspections. Every restaurant gets an inspection. But this inspection is excellent as it can keep you in compliance with many of the food safety and fire safety items that otherwise could be overlooked.


Another huge plus with Utica is the new recurring credit or recurring EFT payment methods, this allows you to focus on your business and not insurance bills.


Who is Utica First?

Utica First was founded in 1903 to serve the insurance needs of Oneida NY. Utica might not be the most well known since they avoid expensive advertising, however that savings is passed onto you with excellent rates throughout NYC.

Even though they started to meet the needs of a small upstate town, Utica has expanded and offers coverage throughout the tri-state area including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Utica’s strong history has allowed them to expand beyond the tri-state but more importantly earn an A rating from AMbest.  

Bottom Line: Utica is an industry leader for restaurants in New York for good reason. Plus the lack of audit is a real winner.


For Upstate New York Restaurants (North of Westchester County)


Erie & Niagara is far and away the best option on the table for Up-State Restaurants.  IF you’re not insured with Erie and Niagara you will wish you were after reading below.



Erie & Niagara is another local New York insurance company. E&N also has a non-auditable policy. We cannot overstate how HUGE this is. Audit surprises are beyond unpleasant.  

Using a composite rate of Square footage and Business Property E&N delivers excellent value to policyholders.


I should also mention this Erie and Niagara has great reputation for paying claims promptly and efficiently.


E&N is a bit strict when it comes to inspections, requiring everything to be in order and all fire safety measures to be certified and inspected. But at the end of the day, that is something all restaurant owners should be mindful of.

The good news is, with some proper pre-inspection planning you can pass your insurance inspection with flying colors. In fact, you should make a mental or even better a calendar reminder to make sure all systems are inspected and serviced every six months.


Who is Erie & Niagara?

Founded in 1875 by 59 upstate New York farmers, Erie and Niagara Insurance knows what it means to take care of their customers. While the business has grown far beyond those farmers Erie & Niagara has not lost their purpose of insuring what matters to New Yorker’s.

In fact their corporate vision is. “To be the mutual insurance company of first choice for our agents and policyholders by delivering products and services which provide peace of mind for their piece of New York.” * 

Based in Clarence, New York, E&N operates throughout the Hudson Valley and further upstate.


Bottom Line: E&N is delivering insane value for Upstate Restaurants. E&N’s unofficial motto is they never want to lose your business. So they keep renewal rates flat if at all possible.


Who is GRBM?

GRBM is the endorsed restaurant insurance provider for the Pan Gregorian of Upper NY Inc.

In addition our founder Gary J. McCarthy has been affiliated with the restaurant industry for many years with his family owning Ann’s Highway Diner in Patterson, NY. GRBM’s restaurant team knows what to look for and how to place the coverage you need.


By working on restaurants every day, we can make it easy and simple for you to insure your restaurant.


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